CAPcam features

Computer centered workflow

CAPcam is fully controlled from computer. Its camera control program perfectly runs side-by-side with the capture application supplied with the digital back.

3D-focussing is intuitive - directly controlled and visualized within the image. But CAPcam does not alter the image data, CAPcam does optical focusing. The resulting image is a true unmodified RAW file.


As excpected from a software controlled workflow, any setting can be recalled at any time. Camera configuration and settings are stored with every image.  

(see: CAPcam Software)


Image review and camera adjustment are made from the same place. Camera can be as far away as the USB cable allows.



3D focussing extends focus into the 3D space

Unlike conventional cameras, CAPcam allows to focus on objects with different distance in one single image.

While enhancing the depth of field (DOF) by stepping down the aperture causes a significant loss in resolution, the 3D focussing allows to operate the lens at its optimum aperture setting.


(see: The advantage of 3D focussing)



Composing with selective focus

Selective focus is used to direct the viewer's attention to a small part of the image while de-emphasizing other parts.


CAPcam allows to align the focal plane freely in the scene - intuitive and precise directly from your computer.


(see: Sample Images)






Automated focus bracketting

Automated focus bracketting captures a series of images with user definable focus change. 

Manually select the optimum result or use these images for processing with a focus stacking software (e.g. Helicon Focus).


(see: Automated focus bracketting)






Best shot composer

Optimum focus setting for three different points can be merged into one image. Select the best shot out of a focus bracketting series for a specific object. Drag and drop this image to the corresponding object into the camera application. CAPcam then realigns the focal plane to get all three objects in perfect focus.



Unrivaled precision

The parallel mechanics of CAPcam ensures highest stiffnes and precision. Resolution for lens positioning is better than 0.01mm. This ensures exact focus fine adjustment even with highest resolution backs.

The solid hexapod mechanic guarants stable focus independent of the camera orientation. Manipulation on lens or back cannot lead to defocussing.